TOSCA - Total Safety Management for industrial organisations

The Total Operations Management for Safety Critical Activities (TOSCA) project is a European Project within the context of the 7th Framework Programme aimed at developing an innovative approach able to integrate and enhance safety, quality and productivity.

The scope of TOSCA is to establish an economically suitable framework in which the most innovative tools and techniques (advanced 3D software, virtual reality, innovative theoretical models, updated information exchange protocols, etc.) are operated together in order to take advantage of the possible synergies in processing standards requirements, improving safety and enhancing productivity through fulfilling process safety regulations (e.g., EU directive 2012/18/EC, "Seveso III") and suggested standards (eg., ISO 31000:2009).

More general information on the TOSCA project is available at its web site at

The TOSCA project and its approach to the process safety management is presented using PROMIS© Pyramid platform using the four sides:

  1. TOSCA framework to improved process safety/major accident prevention,
  2. TOSCA safety processes
  3. TOSCA safety tools
  4. TOSCA mapping the industry's needs (applicable legislation and standards)

The suggested end user's benefits from using offered TOSCA's framework, processes, safety management tools are explained under Services.